Secure Freedom Minute: Stop Helping the CCP Compete with Us


The House of Representatives on Monday joined the U.S. Senate in authorizing enormous investments to restore this country’s competitiveness vis a vis the increasingly high technology threats posed by the Chinese Communist Party and its so-called “civil-military fusion” strategy. It’s about time.

We can’t compete effectively, however, if members of our team are playing for the other side.

Shortly before the House vote, Rep. Devin Nunes disclosed some early, chilling findings of an ongoing investigation including that: “Corporate America is a target of China’s malign influence campaign, and unfortunately, we’re finding that some U.S. corporations are willing participants. Beijing’s influence on corporate America, and China’s overall role in the U.S. supply chain, are significant national security threats….”

Investing giga-billions of dollars to enhance American competitiveness won’t succeed unless and until Wall Street and other U.S.businesses stop aiding and abetting the enemy. 

This is Frank Gaffney.

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