Secure Freedom Minute: Stop Obama-Biden 3.0’s Plan Literally to Sell Us Out


There seems to be no limit to the damage the Obama-Biden 3.0 administration is prepared to do to the United States of America. Now, out of nowhere, its determination to “fundamentally transform” the country via radical environmentalism is poised literally to sell us out

The Securities and Exchange Commission has given until January 2nd to comment on a proposed rule that would allow the creation of so-called “Natural Asset Companies.” The U.S. government could profit massively by selling off public land, water and even air to these entities and their investors – including foreign ones, like Communist China. 

These NACs are then supposed to “protect” such natural resources by denying their use for any productive purpose. Private property owners could effectively be compelled to do the same.

Talk about a “global reset.” 

The question is: Will we let them get away with it? 

This is Frank Gaffney.

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