Secure Freedom Minute: Stop the Biden Team’s “Wrecking Operation”

Secure Freedom Minute

It’s becoming clear that the Biden-Harris administration and its congressional allies are engaged in what can only be called a wrecking operation.

The cumulative impact of a raft of presidential executive orders, policy changes and legislative initiatives is a debilitating assault on the Constitution, our freedoms and the national security. At risk are, among other things: future free and fair elections, our borders, right to bear arms, freedom of speech and religious liberty.

Especially alarming is the relentless inflaming of racial tensions with the reinstitution of virulent “critical race theory” curricula, systematic vilification of white Americans and now reparations for black ones.

Liberal author Naomi Wolf warns that totalitarianism is animating the Biden administration and its friends. So, patriots of every political stripe must come together to oppose such a “fundamental” and terrifying transformation of our country.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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