Secure Freedom Minute: Stop the ‘Genocide Games’

Secure Freedom Minute

An international treaty obliges signatories to punish a nation that perpetrates genocide. The question at the moment is whether Communist China – which the U.S. State Department, among others, has determined is genocidally repressing millions of Uyghur Muslims and others – will be rewarded for doing so?

That would be the practical effect of moving forward with the plan to have the Winter Olympics in Beijing next February. An open letter being issued today by some 115 prominent Chinese dissidents, national security professionals, and human rights champions warns that these will amount to “Genocide Games,” reminiscent of Berlin ones in 1936 that emboldened Adolf Hitler to intensify his murderous oppression at home and aggression abroad.

The world must not make that mistake again. Punish the Chinese Communist Party by stopping the Genocide Games and holding Freedom Olympics next year outside of China.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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