Secure Freedom Minute: Stop the Vaccination Mandates – and Stand with Dan!


President Biden says he didn’t want to impose Covid-19 vaccination mandates – and with good reason. As three recent webinars at our site document, such mandates have: already traumatized our economy, catastrophically impacted our military and begun imperiling our children.

But these mandates are fundamentally about control, not public health. So, the Biden team is pressing ahead with compulsory jabs for both government employees and contractors and now over 80 million other private sector workers. Some are, for the moment, being allowed to test for Covid infections instead, but that exemption will inevitably be withdrawn in due course.

Talk show phenomenon Dan Bongino has courageously stood up to the vaccine mandate imposed by Cumulus, the syndicator of his immensely popular radio show. And he’s just launched a fund aimed at helping those punished for defying the mandate. Everyone should #StandWithDan.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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