Secure Freedom Minute: Stop Vaccine Passports


The 100th anniversary of the founding of history’s most murderous transnational criminal organization was a fitting occasion to consider the Chinese Communist Party’s state-of-the-art totalitarianism, and what it means for us.

A webinar I moderated yesterday on so-called “vaccine passports” established that requiring digital proof of Covid-19 vaccination would enable the Chinese Communists’ “social credit system” to be insinuated here. After all, vast amounts of our personal information are already in Big Tech’s hands. If aggregated on a vaccine passport platform, that data could easily be abused by government, as is done daily in China.

For example, one vax passport proponent boasts such a technology could be used to “lock” unvaccinated people in their homes. Other restrictions on our freedoms would surely follow.

Check out our webinar at, then sign the petition to Stop Vax Passports in America.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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