Secure Freedom Minute: Support and Defend the Constitution, Not Marxism


Last week, 124 former military leaders warned that Marxists in America are imperiling our country. In particular, they declared that forcing into the military “politically correct policies” like critical race theory is degrading readiness and creating a major national security issue.

A recent casualty of such policies is a top-rated warrior named Lieutenant Colonel Matthew Lohmeier. He’s an expert on Marxist ideology, doctrine and subversion who’s authored a new book called Irresistible Revolution describing their manifestation inside the U.S. armed forces.

Pursuant to orders to root out extremism in the ranks, Colonel Lohmeir talked publicly about the Marxist nature of critical race training. Now, he’s been removed from command, exemplifying what the radical left is trying to do to our military and police – namely, purge patriots and replace them with those who will support and defend not the Constitution, but Marxist revolution.  

This is Frank Gaffney.

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