Secure Freedom Minute: Support Freedom in Latin America and Stop the WHO’s Subversion of It Worldwide


For decades, U.S. policy has treated Latin America with “benign neglect.” Under the Biden administration, however, the attitude has become actually malignant, to the detriment of liberty and the benefit of the Chinese Communist Party and allied colonialists and subversives. 

The Conservative Political Action Conference this week is showcasing Presidents Javier Milei of Argentina and Nayib Bukele of El Salvador who are bucking these trends and deserve our strong support.

Moreover, we – and freedom-fighters throughout the Western hemisphere and around the world – need their support. In May, these and every other nations’ leaders will be asked to surrender their countries’ sovereignty to the CCP’s “global governance” agenda by allowing the World Health Organization to dictate public health policies. 

The CPAC Board has formally called for “all freedom-loving countries to follow President Trump’s lead.” We must depart, defund and defang the WHO, now!

This is Frank Gaffney.

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