Secure Freedom Minute: Team Biden “Engages” the CCP While World War Xi Intensifies


Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen is off to China, reportedly to affirm America’s commitment to building up the Chinese Communist Party’s “green” manufacturing sector. This is what passes for energy policy in the Biden administration: dismantle our fossil fuel production capacity and increase our reliance on our mortal enemy to keep the lights on and transportation moving here.

Yellen’s latest act of groveling tourism follows yet-another Biden phone call this week with Chinese dictator Xi Jinping. Official “read-outs” suggest the U.S. government remains committed to such “engagement” with the PRC, even as China prepares for a shooting war.

Specifically, the CCP is ratcheting up actual violence against the Philippines, intensifying its threats to Taiwan and Japan, redoubling “unrestricted” cultural and other pre-kinetic warfare against us and inserting ever-more unaccompanied fighting age males across our open borders. 

What could possibly go wrong? Everything.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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