Secure Freedom Minute: Team Biden Mainstreams Milley Malfeasance


Former Joint Chiefs Chairman Mark Milley has rightly been excoriated for promising to warn his Chinese counterpart if President Trump decided to attack Communist China. Yet, the Biden White House has made such Milley malfeasance a hallmark of its retaliatory attacks in Yemen for the Houthis’ jihad on U.S. and other shipping. 

The effect of routinely telegraphing our punches is to expend armaments we can’t afford to squander on targets vacated by forewarned enemy personnel. Such behavior dangerously encourages the contempt Iran and its proxies feel for a United States that is unwilling to use decisively its superior power.  

Team Biden is also insisting that the government of Israel engage in similar self-restraint in its truly existential war with Iran’s surrogates and assorted other genocidal Sharia-supremacists. America can ill-afford such self-defeating military malpractice. The Israelis are right to reject it categorically. 

This is Frank Gaffney.

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