Secure Freedom Minute: Team Biden Seeks a Defeat for Israel – and Us


Our Committee on the Present Danger: China conducted a fascinating webinar last week on the disastrous Biden Doctrine of treating America’s enemies better than its friends. 

A case in point is U.S. policy towards Israel. Notwithstanding Biden’s professions of support for the Jewish State, his administration is actively working to overthrow the government of Benjamin Netanyahu and assure an Israeli defeat in Gaza. 

One of the world’s most astute Mideast analysts, Caroline Glick, notes that Team Biden is not only insisting that Israel cannot win there. It’s working to fracture Netanyahu’s unity government, precipitate elections to replace it and reward the Palestinian jihadists for their October 7 invasion by giving them a state in Gaza and the West Bank from which to finish off the Jews.

That would be disastrous for America, too, and embolden all those who seek our destruction.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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