Secure Freedom Minute: Team Biden’s Anti-democratic Gantz Gambit


This Super Tuesday, Joe Biden is relentlessly touting his commitment to democracy. Unfortunately, his administration’s actions with respect to our ally, Israel, is further evidence that – when actual votes are inconvenient – Team Biden is perfectly willing to act undemocratically.

This week, retired Israeli general Benny Gantz – a rival to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu currently serving in the War Cabinet of his unity government – is being given red-carpet treatment in official Washington. Ostensibly, the purpose is to advance Biden’s campaign to press the Jewish State to make concessions that will save Hamas.

Gantz’s visit assuredly has another motivation, however. The U.S. government is not only bolstering enemies of Israel. It shamefully seeks to topple her leader because he – like the majority of his people – reject Biden’s demands for a strategically disastrous cease-fire and a state from which jihadists can destroy the Jewish one.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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