Secure Freedom Minute: Team Biden’s Reckless Information Mismanagement


The Biden administration has not only armed the Taliban – the terrorist group now doing business as the government of Afghanistan – with an arsenal of advanced weapons. Those jihadists have also been armed with what one unnamed defense official called “a kill list” identifying U.S. personnel, contractors and Afghan allies.

That’s almost certainly a death sentence for perhaps thousands of those folks being left behind. After all, the Taliban have reportedly already reverted to form, doing round-ups and summary executions of their enemies.

Not satisfied with dispensing information it shouldn’t, Team Biden has dispensed with data it urgently needs. Consequently, thousands of Afghans lacking identification have been admitted into our country. One of America’s preeminent authorities on jihadism, Robert Spencer, says it is a certitude that among them are Sharia-supremacists bent on murder here.

It’s not a presidency. It’s a wrecking operation.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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