Secure Freedom Minute: Texas Unplugs a CCP Trojan Horse Wind-farm


Yesterday, we talked about a former Chinese general who was, incredibly, allowed to buy 200 square miles of Texas. His vast ranch is near the Mexican border and vital Laughlin Air Force Base. It also will feature an ominously long runway.

The pretext for this unimaginable acquisition by a billionaire long associated with the Chinese Communist Party is that General Sun Guangxin wants to plug a wind-farm into the Texas and U.S. grids. Allowing hostile foreign powers to have ANYTHING to do with our critical infrastructure is a terrible mistake.

Fortunately, the Texas state legislature agreed. Governor Greg Abbott yesterday signed into law legislation barring China, Russia, North Korea and Iran from such tie-ins. Now the federal government must reverse its earlier, outrageous decision to allow Gen. Sun to set up the rest of his operation in the Lone Star State. 

This is Frank Gaffney.

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