Secure Freedom Minute: The ”360,000 Amigos”


President Biden and his Mexican and Canadian counterparts have been dubbed the “Three Amigos.” We should call the scheme he announced on the eve of their meeting this week the

“Three-Hundred-and-Sixty-Thousand Amigos.”
That’s the number of aliens expected to be brought here this year from four deeply problematic countries through a gambit that is arguably illegal and certainly unauthorized by Congress. As first revealed by the author of Overrun, Todd Bensman, the
administration is now enabling people who would otherwise have paid cartels to smuggle them into this country to skip that expense and grave danger.
Instead, they’ll be authorized in their home countries to “lawfully” migrate, then flown here equipped with work papers and money – all at U.S. taxpayer expense. This process may
obscure, but will only exacerbate today’s border catastrophe.
Court-ordered injunctions and impeachment proceedings can’t come soon enough.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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