Secure Freedom Minute: The Arsonist Comes to America


This week, the arsonist who runs the world’s largest Transnational Criminal Organization and is personally responsible for serially lighting strategic “fires” that portend a global conflagration comes to America. 

That would be Chinese dictator Xi Jinping and he’ll visit with President Biden in San Francisco. Their meeting may be even more fraught than the one in Munich eighty-five years ago when Adolf Hitler concluded he could aggress with impunity, given Neville Chamberlain’s weakness. 

Tragically, Biden’s enfeebled condition and status as a “controlled asset” of China make Chamberlain look like Churchill.

Worse yet, the CCP arsonist has been sparking fires here, too. To cite but one example, his addictive, manipulative and massively popular app known as TikTok has been encouraging pro-Hamas agitation across the country – including a vandalous assault on the White House.  

Xi should be prosecuted, not incentivized to further aggression.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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