Secure Freedom Minute: ”The Balloon Goes Up”


“When the balloon goes up” is military slang for the start of a shooting war. The Chinese Communist Party has literally sent a very large balloon up to collect intelligence over sensitive sites

in the continental United States and the Biden administration’s refusal to shoot it down invites actual hostilities.
Presumably, a determination to avoid any unpleasantness on the eve of Secretary of State Tony Blinken’s visit to Beijing next week contributed to Team Biden’s latest act of submissiveness.
But it will only reinforce the CCP’s calculation that it can behave aggressively against us with impunity.
Unfortunately, as a powerful Committee on the Present Danger: China webinar yesterday made clear, the Chinese Communists are already at pre-kinetic war with America. Their serial
appeasement by our “captured” leadership elites only intensifies the likelihood of that war becoming a violent one.
This is Frank Gaffney._______
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