Secure Freedom Minute: The Biden Doctrine: We Lose, They Win


Secretary of State Anthony Blinken testified yesterday before House lawmakers and will do the same with Senate ones today, ostensibly about Biden’s humiliating strategic defeat in Afghanistan. The unmistakable leitmotif, however, is the nature and conduct of this administration more generally.

More often than not, as with the Afghan debacle, the beneficiaries are our enemies. Communist China’s Xi, global jihadistists, Vladimir Putin and other thugs are delighted with what the Biden Team evidently considers to be its job: the “managed decline” of the United States.

Unfortunately, what we are experiencing is increasingly our nation’s unmanaged decline – a reckless, pell-mell, even Marxist takedown of Americans’ security, institutions, freedoms and prosperity. Joe Biden, Tony Blinken and their ilk are upending the strategy Ronald Reagan so successfully implemented. Today, it seems “We lose, they win” is the hallmark of this appalling presidency.

Enough already.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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