Secure Freedom Minute: The Biden-Harris Legacy – America the Unreliable


Vice President Kamala Harris is enroute to a conference in Europe where she’ll contend that, unlike Donald Trump and congressional Republicans, Team Biden can be trusted to stand with our allies. The Biden administration’s actual record, however, makes this Mission Impossible.

Consider two examples: Joe Biden abjectly surrendered Afghanistan. And now, he is actively sabotaging Israel – think of it as Afghanistan 2.0.

Of course, some in Europe welcome the Biden-Harris administration’s efforts to prevent Israel from destroying Hamas, giving it so-called “humanitarian assistance” while constricting weapons resupply of the Jewish State. Some even favor U.S. support for the overthrow of the Israeli government.  

Other allies though are sensibly considering a “Plan B.” That will likely take the form of a separate peace with the Chinese, Russians and Iranians. The predictable effect will be a far more dangerous world for freedom-loving peoples.   

This is Frank Gaffney.

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