Secure Freedom Minute: The CCP Must Be Punished for Its Chemical Warfare Here


Finally, someone in official Washington has decided to tell the truth about the Chinese Communist Party’s genocidal chemical warfare against America. A House Select Committee reported yesterday that the blame for devastating carnage being wrought here via the deliberate weaponization of fentanyl lies squarely with our mortal enemy: the CCP.

Among other chilling conclusions, the panel’s investigation revealed that, “The Chinese Communist Party promotes the fentanyl crisis through government programs, protects fentanyl traffickers operating within its borders, and directly benefits from the fentanyl crisis.” 

The Select Committee described the resulting devastation as equivalent to having a jetliner with 200 people aboard crash here every single day.

As monstrous as this form of Beijing’s comprehensive unrestricted warfare is, the fact that the CCP has, so far, gotten away with it completely is even worse. A painful cost must be extracted, starting now. 

This is Frank Gaffney.

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