Secure Freedom Minute: The CCP’s Apparent ”Invasion” of the U.S. is No Drill


Have you heard that among the illegal immigrants taking advantage of Joe Biden’s open border in recent months are thousands of physically fit, military-age Chinese men carrying similar backpacks and seemingly moving in groups? 

While the Biden-induced migration of millions has been correctly characterized as “an invasion,” it appears Communist China is literally engaged in one.  

Based on observing these Chinese men firsthand, former special operator-turned veteran combat reporter Michael Yon believes they’re likely People’s Liberation Army soldiers. 

If so, this is no drill. They will be capable of causing deadly mayhem here if the CCP starts a shooting war against us. 

Apparently, nothing is being done to interrogate or monitor, let alone arrest, these individuals. To the contrary, like other illegal migrants, you’re paying to disseminate them all over the country. 

Any lingering doubt about who Joe Biden is working for? 

This is Frank Gaffney.

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