Secure Freedom Minute: ”The Greatest Counterintelligence Threat Ever”


Charles “Sam” Faddis spied for two decades for the Central Intelligence Agency and has long warned about its “decline and fall.” Now, he’s has issued an urgent alarm about the state of America’s counter-intelligence capabilities.

Specifically, Sam Faddis is documenting the extent to which the FBI, the agency charged with countering enemy spying, is not just failing to do its job. It has for years been actively concealing what he calls “the most serious counter-intelligence threat we have ever faced.”

Back in 2018, the FBI knew Chinese spies were running an influence operation successfully targeting Joe Biden. A powerful webinar yesterday confirmed that five years earlier, the then-Vice President helped the PRC gain preferential access to our capital markets, transferring trillions in American investors’ savings to China. 

We must hold Joe Biden accountable, as well as those who have enabled his betrayal. 

This is Frank Gaffney.


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