Secure Freedom Minute: The Imminent Pearl Harbor 2.0


Eighty-one years ago today, a hostile power executed with extreme stealth and deadly skill an attack that devastated the U.S. military in the Pacific and thrust this country into World War II. We are now at risk of an imminent, and far more decisive, reprise at the hands of a vastly more formidable adversary, the Chinese Communist Party.

This danger looms at the moment especially because the Biden administration is doing everything it can to invite the CCP’s aggression. A Commander-in-Chief deeply compromised by our enemy has weakened and divided our country from the border to Washington, D.C. He’s demoralized, distracted and defanged our military. And he has basically done nothing to defend Taiwan.

This is no drill. Will we swiftly act to make the costs of the next “surprise” attack intolerably high to the Chinese Communists, or needlessly suffer them ourselves?


This is Frank Gaffney.

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