Secure Freedom Minute: The Jordan Moment


Today, the Republican majority of the House of Representatives will confer upon Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio the position of Speaker. At least that will be the case if the GOP caucus recognizes both the character of this leader, the opportunity his election represents to unify the party’s fractious membership and the necessity of, yes, filling the post now, but in a way the times demand. 

Call it the Jordan Moment.

While Jim made his mark as a principled conservative and founder of the House Freedom Caucus, in recent years he worked closely with Kevin McCarthy and his team. Throughout, however, he’s exhibited the decency, personal integrity and profound faith that have enabled him to garner support from every quarter of his conference. Such qualities clearly will serve him and the country well in the critical days ahead.

Godspeed, Jim Jordan.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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