Secure Freedom Minute: The Lessons of the Liberated Israeli Hostages


The Israeli military’s liberation of two hostages seized by Hamas jihadists on October 7th is, of course, good news. It may also be a tipping point in the war for Western civilization that Israel is waging.

Clearly, the argument that the only way to release such hostages is by ending military operations has been refuted. Not only can they conduce to such rescues. This weekend’s success reinforces the contention that only by decisively defeating Hamas will the prospects improve for freeing the rest of them.

And even more important, such a defeat is required to minimize the chances that other Israelis are seized by Palestinians in the future – perhaps on the West Bank or even in Israel itself – at best, to be held for ransom and, at worst, tortured, raped and murdered like so many during Hamas’ infamous one-day holocaust last October. 

This is Frank Gaffney.

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