Secure Freedom Minute: ”The Manchurian President”


Sam Faddis is a brilliant veteran CIA spy whose life used to depend on his skill in compromising strategically placed individuals to advance our country’s interests – and discerning when enemies do it to harm them. When he says Joe Biden is the “Manchurian President,” it’s bankable.

Unfortunately, Mr. Biden is poised to meet virtually with Chinese dictator Xi Jinping. Xi long ago took the measure of his American interlocutor and knows him and his team to be weak, deeply compromised by China and willing to do its bidding.

So, if their meeting results in the unilateral abandonment of tariffs on the PRC, more transfers of our sensitive technology and perhaps a deterrence-eroding shift in U.S. nuclear use policy, it will not only further empower and embolden the most dangerous enemy we’ve ever faced. We will know that Joe Biden is betraying America.                                       

This is Frank Gaffney. 

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