Secure Freedom Minute: The Muslim Brotherhood is Committed – to Israel’s Destruction, and Ours


Thirteen percent of Democrats voting in yesterday’s presidential primary in Michigan voted “uncommitted” – a demonstration of the emerging political muscle of “the Red-Green axis,” an unlikely alliance between the secular Marxist left and Sharia-supremacist Muslims. They joined forces to press Joe Biden to save Hamas. 

The prime-movers behind this initiative – namely, the Muslim Brotherhood and its myriad front groups, mosques and influence operations – are very committed and aspire to be kingmakers in future elections. 

The Sunni Brotherhood’s immediate objective, and that of their Iranian-backed Shiite counterparts, is to destroy Israel. 

But they ultimately seek to transform this country into a theocracy supplanting our constitutional Republic founded on Judeo-Christian values with Islam’s totalitarian Sharia doctrine.

In short, such Sharia-supremacists seek our destruction, as well. And their appeasement by Joe Biden only intensifies the danger to us, as well as our indispensable ally, Israel.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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