Secure Freedom Minute: The Muslim Brotherhood is Our Enemy


President Biden engaged yesterday in outreach to one of his core constituencies: the Muslim Brotherhood. He met privately with five so-called “American Arab and Muslim leaders” including: Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison; Wa’el Alzayat of Emgage, a political mobilization operation; and interfaith influence-operator Imam Mohamed Magid. 


Each has personal and/or organizational associations with the Brotherhood, a group whose Palestinian franchise, Hamas, perpetrated the horrific jihadist attack on Israel on October 7th.  


Successive U.S. administrations have mistakenly treated Sharia-supremacist Muslim Brotherhood operatives as legitimate representatives of America’s Muslims. In so doing, they have reinforced the Brothers’ claim to lead and speak for their co-religionists in this country. 


The stealth jihadist Muslim Brotherhood is America’s enemy and must be treated as such.


This is Frank Gaffney.

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