Secure Freedom Minute: The Next 9/11


Sunday is the 21st anniversary of the most murderous attack on U.S. soil, ever. Regrettably, we have largely reverted to our pre-9/11 inattention to the Sharia-supremacist sentiments that impelled that day’s events, even as we have been put at risk of vastly worse jihadism in the intervening period.

Indeed, thanks substantially to Islamist influence operations over the past two decades, too few of us properly perceive that danger. Our government has been reduced to using misleading euphemisms like “violent extremists” instead of understanding and properly addressing the “holy war” that Islam’s Sharia code demands of its adherents. Team Biden actually insists, that “MAGA Republicans” and “Christian nationalists” are now the greatest domestic threat.

Nineteen jihadists perpetrated 9/11. Many thousands of unaccompanied, military age men – including Taliban-tied ones – are now inside, and all over, our country. What can possibly go wrong? Plenty.


This is Frank Gaffney.

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