Secure Freedom Minute: The Next Mideast War?


While the world’s attention is focused on Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, the likelihood grows that ominous conflicts will erupt elsewhere, as well.

The obvious one will involve the Chinese Communists moving against Taiwan, either directly and forcefully or via a flanking maneuver, blockade and or other coercive, non-kinetic techniques including cyber, information and economic warfare.

In addition, even as Vladimir Putin pursues his Ukrainian invasion, he has put a large naval force into the Eastern Mediterranean. This may be an indicator that hostilities are imminent between Israel and one, or both, of the Kremlin’s regional clients: Iran and Syria.

Such a prospect is another reason, if any were needed, for Team Biden to abandon its appalling appeasement of the mullahs. The idea of giving them still more billions for additional empty promises to abandon their nuclear ambitions is not just reckless. It’s insane.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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