Secure Freedom Minute: The Pandemic’s Deadly Credibility Crisis


Are you bewildered by the recent revelations that public health officials have systematically lied to us about the COVID pandemic’s sources, nature and actual danger? How about the new evidence of collusion between government, Big Pharma, its “captured” regulators and the media to suppress the truth about life-threatening vaccines and devastating lockdowns?

Such credibility-crushing misconduct is now compounded by the Biden administration’s schizophrenia about the state of the pandemic. The President has said it’s over. And his team insists that Title 42 should no longer be invoked to deny asylum to some among the tsunami of illegal aliens it has precipitated.
Yet, Biden and Company assert that everyone must get serially jabbed. Worse yet, they seem intent on seizing any pretext for reinstituting mandates, lockdowns and digital vax passports. A day of reckoning is coming. Will we live to see it?
This is Frank Gaffney._______
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