Secure Freedom Minute: The Penn Chiden Center


Team Biden is working overtime to conjure up distinctions between the former Vice President’s manifest mishandling of classified information and that wrongly ascribed to former President Donald Trump. This isn’t just an effort to obscure what appears to be clearly illegal behavior by Joe Biden. It’s a desperate bid to deflect attention from his even more serious misconduct. 

The documents in question were reportedly found in offices of the University of Pennsylvania’s Penn Biden Center established after the Obama administration ended. Joe Biden and Tony Blinken are among those who set up shop there during the Trump presidency, underwritten substantially by tens of millions of dollars contributed by anonymous Chinese donors. Unsurprisingly, what might more accurately be called the Penn Chiden Center assiduously promoted a pro-CCP line.

House committees must do an urgent damage assessment of conduct that smacks of treason.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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