Secure Freedom Minute: The Real Murderers of Democracy


There’s been a lot of loose talk lately, mostly from Team Biden, about the “death of democracy.” Generally, they are using that phrase to attack, and suppress, citizens who seek to Make America Great Again.

A real threat to our constitutional Republic – and the process by which its government of, by and for the people operates – is in evidence, but coming from different quarters.

First, election mechanisms susceptible to fraud have been disenfranchising legal voters. Second, the open southern border is changing the U.S. electorate.

Now, Democrats on Capitol Hill, with the help of some Republicans, are effectively negating the 2022 midterms by enacting a so-called “omnibus bill,” enabling the outgoing Congress to lock in spending and other priorities for the first year of the next one, supposedly under new management.  

We must stand up for democracy or kiss it goodbye.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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