Secure Freedom Minute: The Real “Serious National Security Threat”


Yesterday, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Turner announced a “serious national security threat” and called on President Biden to declassify all information about it. 

When I first heard this news, it seemed an answer to prayer. After all, for months our Committee on the Present Danger: China has been warning (for example, herehere and here) that our borders are being invaded by large numbers of unaccompanied, military-aged Chinese men. Customs and Border Patrol says 20,000 PRC nationals have entered since October 1st. And most of them appear to be People’s Liberation Army personnel who surely constitute a serious national security threat.

Evidently, Mr. Turner is instead pre-occupied with an as-yet-undeployed Russian space-based nuclear weapon for destroying our satellites. That sounds like a problem. But what the nation needs to be addressing immediately is the present – and potentially catastrophic – danger posed by China’s ongoing, literal invasion of America.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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