Secure Freedom Minute: The Real Threat to our Republic – ”Oath Breakers”


For 18 months, we have been told that a far-right group known as “Oath Keepers” seeks to overthrow the U.S. government. It seems that others, who might be called “Oath Breakers,” pose a far greater threat to our Republic.

Yesterday’s FBI raid on former President Donald Trump’s home is the latest evidence that Democratic politicians and officials – all of whom have sworn to protect and defend the Constitution – are instead weaponizing law enforcement and other government agencies against partisan foes in a manner at odds with the rights guaranteed by that document, including equal justice under law.

How far will the Oath Breakers go? Will they deliberately provoke President Trump’s many millions of patriotic, Constitution-revering supporters to justify further official misconduct, perhaps to an extent that would affect the upcoming elections? Might 87,000 new IRS agents be weaponized for repression?

This is Frank Gaffney.

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