Secure Freedom Minute: The SPLC IS a Hate Group, Not Patriotic Parents


The thoroughly discredited Southern Poverty Law Center just added two new organizations to its list of so-called “hate groups”: “Moms for America” and “Parents Defending Education.” 

I can attest from hard personal experience that such defamations by the SPLC say vastly more about their perpetrator than its targets. 

At a minimum, these are acts of political warfare aimed at neutralizing patriotic Americans simply because they are effective opponents of the truly hateful agenda of the radical Left. Henceforth, every Marxist masquerading as a journalist can repeat the unfounded smear to suppress those they cannot otherwise defeat.

Worst case, the Southern Poverty Law Center’s hate-mongering actually does what it falsely accuses others of doing – namely, encouraging violence. 

From now on, anyone favorably citing the SPLC should be deemed complicit in and held accountable for its predictable, if not actually intended, consequences.  

This is Frank Gaffney. 

Please read The Indictment: Prosecuting the Chinese Communist Party & Friends for Crimes Against America, China and the World.

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