Secure Freedom Minute: ”The State of Biden’s Disunion”


Tonight, we’ll hear a speech that purports to describe the State of the Union. Unfortunately, it’s predictable that it will further exacerbate what might best be called the state of Biden’s disunion.

After all, no president in modern American history has done more than Joe Biden to foster and intensify divisions between this nation’s people along racial, economic and ideological lines.

This is not an accident. Neither is it a product of presidential   senility or incompetence.

Rather, it follows the playbook of Marxists for taking-down countries they have been elected to lead, often under false pretenses. Candidate Biden promised to unify and “build back” America, but has divided and impoverished us by: exploiting a pandemic to strip away our freedoms; fostering devastating inflation; breeding enmity in the name of “equity” and “diversity”; and wrecking U.S. power and prestige.

Spare us more lies, Joe.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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