Secure Freedom Minute: The Taliban’s New “Charm” Offensive is Belied by Sharia


The victorious Taliban are waging a new campaign in Afghanistan. It’s called a “charm offensive.” Spokesmen say they intend to join the “international community,” respect the rights of women and allow the emigration of what the Biden administration calls “vulnerable people.”

These assurances are belied by the terrorist group’s past behavior and the current actions of its operatives across the country. While reports of widespread summary executions, rapes, dismembrings and enslavement are becoming increasingly difficult to verify, they cannot be ignored – if only because they are prescribed by sharia, authoritative Islam’s brutally repressive doctrine to which the Taliban faithfully adhere.  

The Taliban’s sharia-supremacism portends terrible affliction for the long-suffering people of Afghanistan. It also endangers large numbers of Americans potentially trapped there. Ditto the “vulnerable people” in this country if we wind up inadvertently importing it here, along with unvetted Afghans.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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