Secure Freedom Minute: The Urgently Needed ”Pirate Money” Alternative


Kevin Freeman is America’s foremost expert on economic warfare. He’s warned for years about the many ways in which the Chinese Communist Party has waged it against our country. 

Of particular concern is the progress the CCP and friends have made in taking down the dollar as the world’s reserve currency –  abetted by its relentless devaluation by our own government.  

The Chinese Communists have made significant strides in recent months with their commodity purchases in China’s currency. And this week, the so-called BRICS nations and others are expected to launch a new, multilateral dollar-replacement tied somehow to gold.

Kevin Freeman’s superb new book, Pirate Money, shows how U.S. states can constitutionally issue their own gold- and silver-backed digital currencies as American alternatives to the BRICS scheme and the Federal Reserve’s ominous Central Bank Digital Currency. Read Pirate Money – then let’s get some!

This is Frank Gaffney.

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