Secure Freedom Minute: The WHO & Friends’ Assault on Our Health


In recent days, the Conservative Political Action Conference and International Crisis Summit addressed the damage done by the COVID virus and the disastrous response to it recommended by the World Health Organization. They heard from courageous doctors and others from around the world that the WHO’s insistence on inadequately tested experimental gene therapies, lockdowns and rest of the so-called “China Model” contributed to the needless death of millions globally.

Now, Newsweek reports that mRNA gene-therapies – misleadingly described as “vaccines” – are being experimentally injected into our food supply. Some livestock have already gotten mRNA inoculations.

Wisconsin’s Senator Ron Johnson will hold an unofficial hearing today with witnesses warning about and, in some cases, harmed by such jabs. It must also examine the WHO’s bid for additional, anti-constitutional powers and the possibility of our unwitting, unauthorized consumption of its Big Pharma donors’ toxic products. 

This is Frank Gaffney.

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