Secure Freedom Minute: Tiananmen Plus 35


This week marked the 35th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party’s massacre of thousands of pro-freedom activists in Beijing’s Tienanmen Square. Tragically, that sacrifice did not result in the liberation of their countrymen.  
To the contrary, the George H.W. Bush administration actually helped ensure the survival of the CCP regime by sending then-National Security Advisor Brent Scowcroft to tell its leaders that the massacre would not interfere with business-as-usual. In the process, it set in motion trends that have enabled the Communist Chinese to amass the capability to do to us what they did to the victims of Tienanmen. 
Even now, thirty-five years on, there are captured elites throughout our country – notably, from Wall Street to Silicon Valley – who continue to prop up the CCP even as it becomes more dangerous and belligerent by the day.  
If we are to have any hope of seeing Tianenmen’s 36th anniversary, we better end this practice of enriching and emboldening our mortal enemy and start holding accountable those who are inviting our destruction next. 
This is Frank Gaffney. _______
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