Secure Freedom Minute: TikTok Must Be Shut Down


The Biden administration has finally declared the Chinese company that owns the application known as TikTok must be sold to a U.S. one or stop operating in this country.  

Of course, the real owner of TikTok – and every other business in China – is the Chinese Communist Party. Accordingly, Byte dance does what it is told by the CCP, notably with the immense amounts personal information it collects from users. In practice, that means surrendering such data to the Party, which weaponizes it against them, and the rest of us. 

TikTok does so by making its platform as addictive as possible. The resulting, detailed personal profiles translate into “digital twins,” exploitable for espionage, cyberwarfare and, ultimately, controlling the real one. The CCP also toxically utilizes TikTok to indoctrinate users to admire China and hate America. 

No more games. TikTok must be shut down.  

This is Frank Gaffney.  

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