Secure Freedom Minute: Tony Blinken – Poster Child for America Last


Secretary of State Tony Blinken has become the public face of the Biden administration’s wrecking operation that is showing the world America is in decline and retreat. After years of Democrats, Never-Trumpers and even some actual Republicans denouncing Donald Trump’s “America First” foreign and defense policies, they now appear by contrast as manifestations of robustness and successful U.S. engagement internationally.

Tony Blinken’s deep compromise by the Chinese Communist Party may have made unsurprising the dive he took when our country was roundly denounced by his PRC counterpart in Anchorage last spring. He has, however, subsequently gone on to run down the United States himself by endorsing the false narrative of our systemic racism – even inviting UN inspectors to investigate our national shortcomings.

Yesterday, Blinken acknowledged an impending catastrophe in Afghanistan. Color him the poster child for America Last.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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