Secure Freedom Minute: Trump Derangement Syndrome Proves Politically Fatal


Liz Cheney’s electoral rejection as the sole representative in the U.S. House of the people of Wyoming shows that a condition known as “Trump Derangement Syndrome,” which she has increasingly manifested, can be politically fatal.

For those of us who have worked in the past with Rep. Cheney and her similarly afflicted father, this transformation has been appalling. Their stated determination to do whatever is necessary to destroy Donald Trump has given the appearance of bipartisan cover to one of the greatest travesties in congressional history – the Stalinesque January 6th Committee. It has become a personal vendetta that encourages his unequal treatment under law.

Alas, we are likely to see Liz Cheney exemplify the warning about the fury of “a woman scorned.” Wyoming voters’ repudiation makes clear, however, that henceforth she is playing full-time for the other team.


This is Frank Gaffney.

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