Secure Freedom Minute: Trump’s Much-needed Video Throw-down on the CCP


This week, Donald Trump delivered a three-minute videotaped throw-down about the threat posed by the Chinese Communists’ penetration of, purchases in and influence operations against our country.  

Particularly noteworthy was his warning about the CCP’s ominous involvement in our energy sector. As president, he issued an executive order aimed at halting the use of Chinese equipment in our electrical infrastructure.  

At the time, some 300 of China’s high-voltage transformers were already in our “grid,” despite evidence that they can be remotely destroyed. Joe Biden suspended that order. And there are now 100 more of these electrical Trojan Horses in use here. 

As a timely new documentary called “Grid Down, Power Up” narrated by Dennis Quaid makes clear, fixing this and our grid’s other, yawning vulnerabilities is – and must be – a non-partisan priority. So is defeating the CCP’s wider “unrestricted warfare” against America.    

This is Frank Gaffney. 

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