Secure Freedom Minute: Turn off the Genocide Games!


In a triumph for tyranny, the world’s nations will be honoring and legitimating today the genocidal Chinese Communist Party. No good can come of the Genocide Games in Beijing.

Not since 1936, when Adolf Hitler hosted the Summer Olympics in the Third Reich’s Berlin, has the so-called “international community” provided a bigger propaganda windfall for so monstrous a regime. Just as the effect then was an emboldened megalomaniac and mass murder at his hands, both at home and abroad, Chinese dictator Xi Jinping is sure to feel the way clear to intensify with impunity his domestic oppression and his foreign aggression.

The very least we can do is deny the Chinese Communist Party – and its enablers like broadcaster NBC – the global audience they seek by refusing to watch the Genocide Games. Join us in turning off these odious Olympics at

 This is Frank Gaffney.                                         

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