Secure Freedom Minute: Two Great Presidents – and the Worst Ever


This day when we honor two of America’s greatest presidents seems like a good moment to reflect on the incumbent who is shaping up to be the worst in our nation’s history. 

Joe Biden’s tenure to date is, after all, an unbroken litany of disastrous policies. To name a few: The destruction of our southern border and the dangerous invasion it has precipitated. The reckless spending that is bankrupting the country, fueling inflation and ruining the reserve status of the dollar. The humiliating and strategically fraught surrender of Afghanistan to the Taliban. And Biden’s serial betrayal of our country to the Chinese Communist Party. 

In contrast with George Washington, who brilliantly founded and fostered our Union, and Abraham Lincoln, who relentlessly ensured its survival through an unimaginably horrific civil war, today’s president is tirelessly propelling our country’s destruction. Joe must go.  

This is Frank Gaffney.  

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