Secure Freedom Minute: “Victims of Jihad Unite!”


“Victims of jihad Unite.” That battle-cry should be heard globally as it represents the best hope for enabling people who are being persecuted by Sharia-supremacists – and those determined to spare them further harm – to join forces. 
The numbers are absolutely staggering. By some estimates, over 300 million Christians are experiencing “heavy persecution” – the vast majority of them at the hands of Muslims who adhere to Islam’s totalitarian Sharia code that commands them to practice jihad. 
Since October 7th, Jews in Israel and elsewhere have been subjected to similar murderous and other forms of jihadist persecution. The African-Jewish Alliance will be in Washington next week to help victims of jihad in Africa, Israel and beyond make common cause. It starts with making clear, and jointly resisting, the Islamic extremism that is the common-denominator behind so much of their shared suffering. 
This is Frank Gaffney._______
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