Secure Freedom Minute: We are the CCP’s Enemy – and the Object of the War it Needs Now


Ed Dowd is one of Wall Street’s most highly regarded analysts. Yesterday, he warned Steve Bannon’s audience that “China is collapsing.” He added that, “Internally, [the Chinese Communists] are going to have to create an enemy outside of China to rally people around.”

Unfortunately, the Chinese Communist Party has already created that enemy – and it is us. Our webinar today will examine the “People’s War” the CCP actually declared against America in May 2019.

The Biden Pentagon would have us believe that China won’t be ready to invade Taiwan for another two to five years. Maybe so. More likely, such whistling past the graveyard bespeaks the hope that we will be better prepared by then to defend against such a threat to Taiwan or to our assets, personnel or territory.

We need to get on a war-footing now. Learn more at


This is Frank Gaffney.

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