Secure Freedom Minute: We Cannot Trust Joe – and He Must Go


The legitimacy of the leadership of a constitutional Republic like ours isn’t just a question of the integrity of the election by which the president came to power. On that score alone, Joe Biden would be “challenged.” 

We now have many other grounds for a lack of confidence in the Commander-in-Chief: Biden’s senility, for one. His erratic leadership concerning on an increasingly fraught war in Ukraine. His dangerous jabs and domestic terrorism mandates.  His bankrupting of our country and consistent imposition of policies harmful to our people and their freedoms.  

Most especially, we can’t trust a man who has clearly sold out our nation to its most dangerous enemy ever. Team Biden’s bizarre approach to and utter lack of transparency about known and suspected Chinese Communist incursions into our sovereign airspace is but the latest grounds for saying Joe must go.  

This is Frank Gaffney.  

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